Home fashion colors in 2022 are freshly released, come and see!

Release time:2022.01.14

The COIVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty to people, and it has also shrouded a gray haze on the world. More people are eager to use optimistic and energetic colors to show their yearning for a better future, so the color of vitality will also become the mainstream color in 2022. If you want to give your new home a "new outfit", but don't know how to start, don't worry, Maron will show you in advance, and I hope it can bring you some artistic inspiration.

Olive green is a relaxing and seductive color, and contains a calm temperament. As one kind of green color, it has unique charm, so it is indispensable in living space. If you want to keep the spring and summer full of vitality, a touch of olive green can help you fulfill this wish.

Continuing the popular color of 2021 autumn and winter, Atlantic blue will also become the key color of the next year. Deep sea blue can lead people to relax, relieve anxiety and fatigue, and bring people a feeling of tranquility and stability.

Different from ordinary orange, mango-orange is a color reminiscent of sunshine vitality and health, with its own unique temperament of tropical style. 

The high-saturation colors are eye-catching, suitable for modern homes, which can instantly enhance the brightness of the space, and transform the original ordinary design into a striking and delicate.


Soft, gentle, serene, all good adjectives can describe cheese yellow. It is born with a sweet temptation, always reminiscent of a dessert house that heals the mood. The cheese color is more like the afternoon sun, the warmth and softness seem to be within reach. Incorporating cream yellow into the home life of modern people can create a gentle and harmonious living space.

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